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Ethan PNGI put together health and fitness programs that have an incredible impact on changing lives. By improving your lifestyle, nutritional habits and exercise routine, you simply make life easier. You will be more productive, feel sexier and happier. By personalising your training to your body type, you will be able to reach your fitness goals faster. I will mentor you on everything you need to know and I will help motivate you to make a positive change in your life. Don’t let your health and fitness challenges get in the way of the successful, happy, and fulfilled life you desire.

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I have been attending Ethan’s group PT for a couple of months now. I find the classes are challenging (in a good way) and the way that he mixes his classes up, you’ll always be in for a surprise and you certainly won’t get bored!!! As someone else said below, whether you like him after the class is another story!!! Great trainer with easy to understand advice to help you reach your individual goals.

Joanne Cole, Bundaberg, QLD

I have really noticed the improvement in my strength and endurance since training with Ethan. He is very knowledgable and always pushes me to do more reps/sets than I would do myself or even think I was capable of!

Shell Kronk, Bundaberg, QLD

Since doing sessions with Ethan I have noticed an improvement in fitness and strength as well as reduced body fat.

Brett Kronk, Bundaberg, QLD

All thanks to Ethan for pushing me to the next level! I just had a swim comp and dropped 3 seconds in one race and all PB’s in my other races! My coach says i look so much stronger in the water and i couldn’t have done it with you Ethan! Your a champ!!!

Josh Finnis, Bundaberg, QLD

First PT session with Ethan, and i was thoroughly impressed. I am highly confident in Ethan’s knowledge and ability, in helping me achieve my fitness goals. I left with a greater knowledge than i had before, and i am looking forward to my next session.

Fiona Smith, Bundaberg, QLD

Ethan did a fantastic job with smashing some fat off me with some late notice sessions before I went on holidays. Love the results and loved the training

Daniel Borrowman, Bundaberg, QLD

I really enjoy Ethan’s group PT sessions. They’re both challenging and enjoyable. He’s always there pushing you to put in 110% in order to maximise your workout.

Ainsleigh Savage, Bundaberg, QLD

I have been training for a very long time. On and Off. So I know a lot about personal development. I have been watching Ethan train his client and I am very impressed about how he approaches people to get their results. Well done Ethan you know what its all about. I would recommend him to anyone.

Jeremy Fischer, Bundaberg, QLD

Love Ethan’s early morning PT. Sets me up for a great day! It has also improved my strength & fitness.

Chloe Mclellan, Bundaberg, QLD

Super awesome PT sesh! If you wanna get fit then you need to be here.

Jade Audrey Cooper, Bundaberg, QLD

Ethan is great. Very knowledgeable, and can easily design a program to suit what you want. Whether you like him after the workout is another thing!!

Todd Royan, Bundaberg, QLD

My 'Love it or It's Free' Guarantee!

If you exercise with Fully Loaded Fitness and are not completely satisfied with your workout, we will give you 100% of your money back. On top of this your next workout will also be absolutely FREE. However, that’s not all. To prove how committed I am to my clients satisfaction,  I will also give you a fresh, crisp $100 NOTE for your troubles.

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