4 Things To Consider Before Joining A Gym

For many, a gym is their favourite place on planet earth. Others simply don’t like the place. That’s ok. A gym can be intimidating at first. It’s full of people you don’t know who look different to you.

It’s packed with equipment, some that even baffles me (see video). Depending on your goals, equipment can be completely unnecessary.

This article is not to steer you away from gyms. I love them. I spend hours there every day. I also exercise elsewhere be it at home, the park, or the beach.
This article is to give some points to think about if joining a gym has been on your mind.


Why Are You Joining or Considering Joining A Gym?
To lose weight? Get fit? Be healthier? These can be done in your living room or at a park. People underestimate the power of their own bodyweight and couple of dumbbells. Often when I run an outdoor session, I will take a couple of medicine balls and that’s it.
Unless you are a bodybuilder that wants to sculpt your left rear deltoid because it’s lagging or you want to train your legs 7 different ways to hit every angle and muscle fibre, you most likely don’t need any strange machines and complex movements. Your bodyweight is just enough.

Are You Wanting to Exercise Alone or In A Group?
Exercising alone is great. I do it because I know exactly what to do and I have a mission to complete. Others like the downtime to do their own thing.
A lot of people do enjoy the social aspect of training in a group. The comradery, the accountability, and the variety of exercises. All this while getting fit.

If your goal isn’t to train alone and you don’t want to wander the 50+ machines wondering what on earth they do, then you don’t have to join a gym. By avoiding a gym, you will save money each week on fees, as well as “set-up” fees.
There are many outdoor sessions that are just as affordable but offer much more. Look for a group that offers you nutrition coaching (not some generic meal plan printed off the internet), a home workout for those times you can’t make it, and a proven track record for getting people results, because after all, we want results.

Is A Gym Suitable For Your Situation?
We work long hours and have to put food on the table at the end of the day before it’s time to just relax.
Add in a 25-minute commute to the gym and you have already lost 50 minutes of your time. At the end of a day this is a lot. Training from home or a park nearby removes this completely. I train clients that literally get out of bed, stretch, and 10 minutes later are training with me. Others meet me at their place as soon as they finish work. 45 minutes later, they are relaxing with the family.

Gyms offer no privacy from wandering eyes. Sure, not everyone is staring at you, they most likely are staring at themselves, but it can feel a bit intimidating and uncomfortable at first. If you train at home or with us down at the beach on a Saturday morning, you don’t need to worry about this at all. At home, it’s just you. At the beach, it’s just you and the group. The only other people are joggers or surf life savers. Hardly intimidating.
This creates a peaceful and relaxed environment that allows you focus on having fun and improving your health. You also get the added support from your trainer on the days you not there. No gym offers that!

As you can see, gyms have their strong points but so does your home or park. For most of us, gyms are not necessary. We can get great workouts at home with a few dumbbells and our bodies. Exercise on your terms.
If you do want a great gym, then the one I recommend is Improvements. You will me there a lot.
If you think that training outdoors or at home is right for you then that’s awesome. We have programs to accommodate you and fast track your results.

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