7 Questions You Should Ask Your PT Before Hiring Them.

What’s the first question most people ask a personal trainer upon meeting them? “How much do you charge?
This question is asked simply due to the person not knowing what else to ask. If you knew more then you could ask more. This list was designed to give an insight to what you should expect from your personal trainer.

1. Does Your Trainer Have A Guarantee?

At Fully Loaded Fitness we pride ourselves on providing the best level of service and training experience, every single time you exercise with us.

Therefore, if you exercise with Fully Loaded Fitness and are not entirely satisfied with your workout, then of course, will NOT BE BILLED for that session. In addition to this, your next workout will be absolutely FREE.
However, that’s not all.
In addition to not being BILLED, having your next workout FREE, we will give you a fresh, crisp $100 NOTE for your troubles.
Yes, you read that correctly.
Why do we give this outrageous guarantee? Quite simply, we really believe in what we do at Fully Loaded Fitness, and our priority is giving you the VERY BEST workout every session that you are with us.
Is your personal trainer prepared to put their money where their mouth is?


2. Does Your Trainer Specialise In One Area Or Is He/She A Bit Of Everything?

At Fully Loaded Fitness our goal is to make you burn fat while you are asleep.
What’s more, our programs are designed in such a way that you will be building muscle at the same time as you are burning fat.
The techniques we use have been heavily researched by the University of California to ensure you will be getting fitter, stronger, and leaner in the least amount of time.
These techniques along with a cutting edge meal plan make it harder for our clients to put the weight back on, allowing them to have the body they have dreamed off for longer


3. Is Your Trainer Supported By Industry Professionals?

Ethan has been featured in multiple national magazines and has most recently taken out the award for Men’s Health Magazine’s Next Top Trainer search and now writes for them monthly. If your trainer is not endorsed by a one of the biggest health and fitness brands in the world then keep looking or at least work with a trainer who is hired to train you on behalf of them. Credibility is important when 1000’s of personal trainers graduate each year.

4. Does Your Trainer Sell Session By Session Or Is There A Results Driven Program For You?

We don’t like to sell individual sessions. Why? It is one thing to burn calories and workout, but to be in a primed state for fat loss and muscle growth is totally different.
This is where our Trim and Toned program, or out Strong and Lean program come in. These are designed to your goal and suitability so you can get toned, stronger, and look your best all year round.


5. Does Your Trainer Record Your Workouts Or Make It Up Along The Way?

Progression is the single most important factor when it comes to training. You want to look good so you need to know the plan ahead and the progress you have made this far.
Too many trainers simply make stuff up and show off new exercises to their clients without having a clear defined goal. We’re not here to make stuff up. We’re here to get you results.


6. Does Your Trainer Walk The Talk?

Trainers come in all shapes and sizes but if your trainer is telling you do something without being able to do it themselves then it may be time to rethink things.
Too many trainers focus giving grueling workouts that even they couldn’t complete. A trainer should be inspiring and motivating, not just a big mouth.
If you are told to do something when you train with us, you can bet it’s been tested on us.
We don’t focus on grueling workouts designed to make you throw up, we focus on pushing you and motivating you to the next level.


7. Does Your Trainer Have Your Best Interests At Heart?

Have you ever felt like someone only saw you as $$$? I have and it’s pretty crappy.
If I don’t think we are a good match for each other then I am happy to refer you onto another trainer. We specialise in fast, long lasting fat loss and muscle gain. Sometimes a client comes in and they need a different specialisation and I am happy to forward them on.
At the end of the day, we want results for you. If you don’t get results then all you are doing is spending time, energy, and money.

At Fully Loaded Fitness we focus on providing my clients results. If you want to burn fat while you are sleeping whilst building muscle then perhaps we need to chat. Our programs are designed in such a way that when you start burning fat, it’s hard to stop. This makes it harder for you to put weight back on, creating long lasting results.


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