4 Benefits Of Exercising In A Group

The thought of slugging out an intense sweat session at the gym might not get you too excited to go workout – but killing a 45-minute workout alongside 6-10 other people? That sounds doable.
Exercising in groups is great for kicking yourself into gear and getting an amazing workout in even when all you want to do is hit the couch. Having a group of friends who are there to support, encourage and even compete with you makes it an ideal environment for those who would normally go home.

No one notices if you skip your solo session in favour of another mind-numbing episode of Home and Away. Ditching your friends is a different story and may lead to some phone calls coming your way asking where you were. Meeting people for a workout makes it a lot harder to skip. Less skipped workouts lead to greater results!

Your imagination can only stretch so far when it comes to exercise routines. Having a professional who emphasizes variety and fun guarantees an always new and exciting session whilst still getting you in great shape.

Group training often comes at a fraction of the cost of one on one training making it ideal for those on a budget. Keeping the group numbers capped maintains the personal touch and ensures you still get an great workout with exercises tailored to you.