Green Tea Extract 101

Green tea is probably one of the best known beverages out there for fitness enthusiasts. Known scientifically as Camella sinensis, the green tea plant is loved worldwide and is best served hot or warm before or after a meal. Caffeine is a known component of tea from dried leaves and in green tea. It has…

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L-Carnitine – An Aid To Fat Loss

Losing the unwanted fats has been one of the goals, if not the main one, for many fitness enthusiasts. Even people who want to gain weight sometimes develop unnecessary fats in the most unnecessary areas of the body. Build up of fats, thus, is a nuisance, an allegory of unhealthy lifestyle, a synonym for weight…

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How To Use A Foam Roller

foam rolling bundaberg

Athletes, bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts may all have one thing in common: that is acquiring muscle injury. When the wrong moves and over exertion occur, sports injuries such as muscle strains or sprains can develop. These types of unwanted instances may slow down, if not hinder, your progress. So whether the condition occurs in the…

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