Should You Use A Pre-Workout?

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This is the most commonly abused supplement available. It promises new personal records, “insane pumps and focus”, faster fat loss……the list goes on. Unfortunately many people rely on the stimulant effect of the pre-workout and don’t take the time to fix their diet and see real results. A pre-workout has its place in bodybuilding but…

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The Ultimate Pre-Workout Supplement

One of the most common questions thrown around the gym is “What pre-workout do you take?” Regardless of what they say, neither of them really understand what really goes into creating a pre-workout drink and how it affects their body. Unfortunately the quality of such a drink is often determined by the stimulant effect it…

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Improving Performance With Creatine

Supplementation with creatine might be one of the most used practices in bodybuilding and in almost all sports. It has been known to benefit athletes and gym-goers to “build muscle” or “increase strength.” However, this generalized idea on creatine monohydrate is often misunderstood, if not overtly misused. Creatine is manufactured naturally in the human body…

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